Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Sites where I buy DRM-Free books

Just to mention 2 websites where I buy Good E-Books... and DRM-Free !

Closed Circle is  the brainchild of three authors, multiple Hugo award winner, C.J. Cherryh, Best-selling co-creator of Thieves’ World, Lynn Abbey, and critically acclaimed Jane Fancher.

I didn't know about Lynn and Jane Fancher until I began to follow C.J. Cherryh's recent blog, but I really like their work, website, as well as their take on e-publishing...

Even if the the "Shopping experience" at Closed Circle is not the one I am accustomed to, it's close enough and fulfills it's role... Upon checkout completion, an email is received, giving the link to two kinds of downloads : "full format" gets a complete package of formats for the book, while the "lite" version gives only a selection of the more common ones.

I also shop at, more on that later...

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