Friday, January 28, 2011

Reading and books buying habits, Lots of Changes...

So, I've got my ereader for more than 5 months now, and I find out that it changed my reading and book buying habits quite a lot.

First, regarding reading, I found out than even if I used to consider myself a "big reader" (1-2 book per week at least), I DO read much more now than I did previously (2-3 books per week). I used to take my books everywhere with me, and when close to finishing one, taking an other with me so as not to miss reading time. Now, I still read at every opportunity, but with my nook it's way easier. I find it almost handier to read with it than with a hardcover book, which made me feel guilty because of possible stains, abuses etc.
I read under (really) small rain, whereas I wouldn't with pbooks. Some (Jane Fancher among others) even read in the bath with their ereader. Depending on ambient light luminosity, and eye strain, I also sometimes change the text's size (wich I definitely could not on pbook)... and you know what ? While a year ago I would have told you that I loved the paper's touch, in no way do I miss pbooks.

I borrowed a few paper books ( Scalzi's Lost Colony and Zoe's Tale ) at the library, and even if I liked them quite a lot, I found them (they're hardover sized) clumsy and uneasy to take with me.

Regarding buying, I bought in the last months :

  • 1 book @ amazon, 
  • 5 @ B&N
  • 8 @ webscriptions
  • 4 @ Closed Circle
  • 10 @ Smashwords
  • 2 @ my local book store (paper books, no ebook available).

I also downloaded a few fo free. In addition to the "free" ones, I have a downloaded a great many from Baen, "given away" with some ebooks in the "promotional CD".

I didn't read them all, but they are all on my ereader, ready to be chosen when I finish one.

Oh, and I didn't have to find out space in the basement to store all these books. Just some work with Calibre, a little bit of dropbox to synchronize and save...

And you ? did your ereader change parts of your life ?

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