Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Witches on Parole" de Debora Geary

Maintenant qu'il n'est plus que chez Amazon, et comme je voulais faire lire mon commentaire, je le met ici...

I'm a man, a real one. I read Science Fiction, and Fantasy. I like testosterone-filled stories where barbarians cut heads and spill gore everywhere. I like computers and programming. I only marginally enjoy romantic comedie films, and then, only because I like how the girls look. I don't like Ice-Cream, and this book is Filled with it.

So now, I'll say it only once. If my wife hears it, I'll know it's comming from you and will make you pay. 
But I started the book yesterday, and finished it this morning. And don't you ever tell my wife I was crying during the karaoke scene, or else ...

So what made me cry ? It's not good-sentiments, these make me gag, it's not fear, it's not the people (although they are marvelous), it's LOVE ! 
Yes, while the subject could be treated in a cheesy way, Debora Geary manages the delicate equilibrism that keeps it from going overboard. 
Humor and surprises keep the reader alert, instead of leaving him/her dose in too many do-goodness.
So I'm now awaiting for the next part of this new Series... and hope my wife won't see me crying when I read it next.

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