Monday, June 17, 2013

Review : STRAT by Tara Maya

Tara Maya is one of the first Self-Published authors whose books I've read, mainly her "Unfinished Song" series, which I've reviewed in the past too. Tara also had a guest post here, regarding barriers to international sales for ebooks. A great guest post BTW...

 So when she forwarded me STRAT, her latest Military SF book, I jumped on the occasion to read it.

I'll be quite short, since, unfortunately, I was a little bit disappointed. Not that it isn't good, just not on par with Tara Maya's best. The action is quite good, the tech has quite a few interesting twists, as does the plot. 
Unfortunately, I've had troubles relating to the hero, even if he's quite likeable. 

And also a small thing that just  bothered me along : the place of women in the story. I find they have too passive a role. Not in the background or anything like that, but they simply don't have much effect. 

Well, I give 3.5 stars for that one. And trust Tara will do better next time.

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