Sunday, October 19, 2014

Women ! In my books !

In a recent blog post (in French, sorry), my friend Neil Jomunsi wrote about hero gender in books.
For a long time, I've seen in my choices of books that I LOVE good female character, with a clear personality, feminine without beeing a caricature or "discriminating". It gave me the occasion of listing some of these women I love in books.

Illisidi (C.J. Cherryh, Foreigner) 
The old crone, still dynamic in her old age. Nothing will change her ways, unless it suits her and through her, her people.

Tanyth Fairport (Nathan Lowell, Fairport adventures) 
An itinerant herbalist, on the road for decenies to learn the secrets of the plants.

Royina Ista of Challion (Lois Mc Master Bujold, Curse of Challion) 
Retired dowager of the Challion throne, she takes her future in her hands and to the road.

Lisbeth Sallander (Stieg Larsson, Millenium) 
Hacker extraordinaire, small and autistic Lisbeth won't let anyone dictate her who she is...

Lessa (Ann McCaffrey, Dragons of Pern) 
Mistress of dragons, Lessa was one of the first Strong Women I remember reading about in SF&F 

Phedre no Delaunay (Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel) 
"That which yields is not always weak." Contrary to Lisbeth Salander (see above), the courtesan Phedre bends rather than break, but as Lisbeth, she keeps her integrity all along, leading others after her.

Cassandra (Andrea K Host, Touchstone) 
Resourceful teenager, stranger in strange lands. Frail but keeping strong in adversity.

Amaranthe Lockdon (Lindsay Buroker, Emperor's Edge)
Leader of men, quirky founding member of a mercenary outfit.

Audham En Tha (Ayerdhal, Mytale) 
Don't try and tell her what to do, unless you want her to do the reverse. And even then, she would surprise you.

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