Sunday, November 25, 2012

Short Review : 'NetWalkers by Jane Fancher

I'v read a few weeks ago two books by Jane Fancher : 'NetWalkers "Partners" and "Of Mentors and Mimetrons" (also available as an omnibus), directly sold (without DRMs of course) from the "Closed-Circle" (follow the link ;-) ).

You don't know Jane Fancher ? She's a close friend and partner of C.J.Cherryh's. And if you don't know C.J. Cherryh, she's one of my favorite -- and Hugo-winning but that's not that important-- science-fiction writers.

And when I say partner, I guess it could be known that they work in close relationship, one doing the editing of the other's work (and the other way of course). From that point, I guess it's no surprise I like Jane Fancher's work almost as much as CJ's.

While the whole universe set by Jane Fancher is totally different to those of C.J. Cherryh, we find some common themes and preoccupations (Solitude, trust, education, responsibility... ). Just like the two sides of a coin, some of the problems set aside (but not left forgotten) by one, are addressed by the other, and I find in 'NetWalkers a real resonnance with Cyteen, a book I've read and re-read since my first discovery when I was a young adult.

I won't say more than that, except that if you like C.J. Cherry's works, you'll most likely like these books, as I did. An easy 4 stars for both of them

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