Monday, June 16, 2014

My new Auto-Buy Authors

In December 2012, I wrote a blog post titled "My auto-buy authors". Well, guess what ? I've got a few more to share. (Only Self-Published this time)

Sure, their books are mostly easy-lazy-funny good reads, and I guess you won't sprain you brain between pages. But easy-lazy-funny reads are what I like to read. So what ? Sue me !

Note: Make sure to read the fine prints before buying the books. Some of them DO contain Erotic Situations, Adult Only.

Elliott Kay

Mainly two series for now. The first is an Adult Non-Politically-Correct Urban Fantasy. A young man's wet dream, but (congrats pal!) quite respectful of gender issues.

Second is an over-the-top military-scifi series (one episode for now, second coming... soon ?)

Drew Hayes

I like YA, I like Super... Guess what, I LOVE Super YA ! Super Powereds is _really _ great fun to read.
Also a quite interesting business model with his periodical series + indie publication.

Warning though : The books are overall not as polished as could be, more typoes than I'm accustomed to. If you're really alergic to typoes, I'd suggest trying other books instead.

Sue London

If you follow my posts, you know I like some romance in my books. What you may not know, is I also sometimes love Romance books. Sue London's Haberdashers series makes my day.
Regency-Bluestocking-Romance is all I need for some hours of good read.

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