Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An other one against Amazon/Self Publishers : The pricing Time Machine

Jim Hines posted an update regarding his pricing problem with his books at Amazon.

If you haven't read his post, I encourage you to.
Please take a look at it's "last point" : if the rules bother Amazon, they'll change them.

In that case, the rules were already in Amazon's favor, so they didn't even have to bend them further...

In an update, Jim added :

2/27/12 Update: I’ve gotten a final response from KDP Executive Customer Relations, which states that the price on my book was reduced because another retailer (Kobo) was selling it for $.99 at some point, “over the last couple  months.” That would, I assume, be the issue referenced in the 6th paragraph below.
Take from this what you will

My take is that Amazon will take any price they choose, as they see fit, especially if you used it in some previous operation...
Now, again, if authors are OK with giving THAT power to one single company, that's their business...


  1. It's called price matching, and many retailer do it. My local Jerry's Home Improvement store will match any sale price you present from another store. Amazon's computers do the same thing. But they only react to other retailers' discounting. Why isn't any complaining about Kobo and Sony, the retailers who do the discounting that triggers Amazon to discount? Oh that's right. Nobody is making enough money from Kobo and Sony to care...until it affects their Amazon profit.

  2. My problem, is they are price matching with old prices... "over the last couple of months" is quite a long timeframe...