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Lecture anglaise : Wool by Hugh Howey

Participation au Défi lire en anglais : I read in english.  
Reviewed for the "I read in english" challenge

As far as I know, Wool started as a short story, which gained quick traction on the Kindle store, and was completed with a few followups. The book I review here is the self-published "Omnibus edition", which contains the (so far) 5 stories, with length going from short story, to novella.

Wool was still some time ago an Amazon exclusivity, under the nefarious but business-wise really good Select program, but the author decided to not renew it, and it is now available from B&N, Apple, and Amazon.

Hugh told me he planned to add a "direct sale" channel if he found the time, but I think he's quite busy right now, between selling the rights to UK publishers, ahouse-moving, and maybe an Hollywood deal, so that may take some time.

In the meantime, I don't really like any of these three e-booksellers, which explains why I don't give direct links, but if you don't mind any of them, I'd really suggest you check out this ebook !

So, now, to the book in itself.
Wool is a dystopia, set in some indetermined post-apocalyptical future. People live in a subterranean "Silo", which a dark and oppressing culture we discover all along the 5 books. Once again in my reviews, I won't get far more in the story's description, not wanting to spoil the read in any way, but let me say what you'll find out fairly soon : the writer is not affraid to kill, even well known characters. This of course participates to the pressure and tensions in the story, keeping the reader on his tiptoes.

About characters, the cast goes from creepy to ugly, to kind, to maniac. You'll find everyone you'd expect to find in that human Noah's Ark, except with no God to follow, forgotten for a few hundred years. Each and everyone is sharp as an edge, the one of an old sea-bitten knife, as rusty and ready to break, while still dangerous and quick to wound...  

However, even with this dark and oppressing atmosphere, the suspense lead me to keep on plowing through the book, always wanting to discover more of the self-contained world, and what happens next.

So all in all, a really good read, well worth 4 and a half stars.
If you're not affraid of stepping in the dark recesses of a not so unlikely close future post-apocaliptical dystopia, I HEARTILLY recommend its reading.
And please consider buying from NOT Amazon, showing Hugh support in his decision to not keep exclusive there.

Edit : Oops, forgot to disclose that the ebook was sent for free by the author. 

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