Friday, January 20, 2012

Lecture Anglaise : Percepliquis by Michael Sullivan

I started the reading the "Riyria revelations" series by Michael J. Sullivan roughly one year ago. At that time, he was a successful "indie" author, selling his books through "Ridan Publishing", the small indie publishing company created by his wife Robin Sullivan. At the time, the first four books (out of six) were available. I quite rapidly read them, and waited for roughly one-two months before buying volume 5. Then ... we learned that the had been contacted and had accepted for the series to be re-published through Orbit, a traditional publisher (fantasy imprint of he Hachette Books group).  This winter, we also learned that it would come this year to France, translated and published by the wonderful Bragelonne.

Orbit decided  to sell the series not as 6 books, but as 3 : "Theft of Sword"s, "Rise of the Empire", and "Heir of Novron", but agreed with the writer to also sell the missing last book for people having bought the 5 first and wishing to finish the collection.

Percepliquis is that missing book, finishing the 6 stories arc. I bought it the day it came out, and started the read straight away.

I find myself in some problem to write this review : not only do I want to avoid spoilng the book for readers who have not read it yet, but I also would like to not spoil it for readers who have not read the previous ones ! So I will stick to generalities.

Once again, we find Royce and Hadrian, thieves extraordinaire,  in the midst of intrigues, battles and action.  Humor, pain, death, magic, beauty... The old classical recipe is there, up to that last desperate mission to save mankind.

Oh, yes, you know that desperate mission so well. It's such a cliché to use the "mission" in a Fantasy book. With the standard archetypes : Rogue/Thief, Palladin,Sorceress (Wizardress, you idiot! )... The only one missing is the "long range". No archer, no crossbows. It all stays quite close combat...
Except for these straight arrows, coming from ... Book 1 of the series !

Here he is, the fletcher extraordinaire, archer magnificent : Michael J. Sullivan. Not only do all the arrows he shot through the 5 first books find a target in this one, but we also clearly see how straight their flight is, how they hit perfectly the targets he chose, and with style too.

But even if the preceding paragraphs seem to imply that the book's essence is in finishing the series, I must say that NO, while it's best read after having read the first five, it also is a great book in itself !

In the afterword (to read AFTER the book, but well worth reading!), Michael J. Sullivan mentions how he wrote this series as he wanted to read one : "Classical" medieval fantasy, light and entertaining, adult-level but not gritty. This one also found its target.

PS: adult level... but also quite readable by young adults, as there's no gore, profanity or hot scenes...

Oh, and I forgot :  5 stars

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