Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking back to last year's reading

OK, didn't want to make this academic exercise, but thought it wasn't fair for those who did, nor to the people mentioned here...

So, here you are:
Great books read : tons.
Shitty books read : Since I didn't pay much, tons of first chapters, but none to the end.
Great Twitter friends met : Some, but great ones.
Great Writers discovered : Some, but much more than without my ereader.

OK, last one I'll detail some (in no particular order except language):
[English]Andrea K Höst * (http://www.andreakhost.com/) Author of the YA SF Touchstone trilogy and of a few other also great (and more adult) Fantasy novels.

[English]Michael J. Sullivan (http://www.riyria.blogspot.com/) Author of the Riyria Revelations (Soone tra,nslated to French and sold by the great French Milady/Bragelonne publisher)

[English]Debora Geary (http://www.deborageary.com/), Author of the "Modern Witch" series

[English]Nathan Lowell * (http://solarclipper.com/ et http://www.lammaswood.com/) Author of Science Fiction (Solar Clipper) and Fantasy (Tanyth Fairport), who tell extraordinary stories of ordinary people (or the reverse).

[French]Jeff Balek * (http://jeffbalek.com/ ) The short and precise phrases virtusoso, mastering both humorous Comics (Le Plup),  SF (Le Waldganger), and litterary ebooks(Macadam Gonzo) ...

[French]Pauline Doudelet * (http://www.paumadou.com/) OK, I admit I prefer her short/diverting stories to her more profound ones. She knows it, and I hope she doesn't mind ;-) 

Authors with an * are available for now at the best retailers (no DRMs/no Amazon), but I loves the other ones too !

Please note that EVERY ones of these writers is (or has been) self-published (or pure-player published), that at least a third of them live from their Electronic Books writing, and that I would never have "discovered" them if not for ebooks.

I have a few candidates for this new year, we'll see where they take me...
I also fear that my deliberate choice to not buy from Amazon anymore will "cost" me too much in "non-discovery", that I'll miss too much, so my only e-reading resolution for this new year will be to stand by this decision !

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