Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lecture Anglaise : Witches Under Way by Debora Geary

Oh, I see you asking yourselves if I had reneged on my decision of not buying Kindle, and not supporting Amazon, but no, my own ethical committee has declared it's all right to go ahead and write a review for a book written by a "Select"er.

Because yes, Debora Geary IS an author who has chosen to go Select and provide the big majority of her ebooks at Amazon. Still, before doing so, I know she asked her reader's blessing, and got it, mine among others. She also provides help for readers who would like help to convert from a Kindle book to an epub one. And lastly, she spent some time to set-up her "New Book Store", selling each new book directly (in addition to Kindle), for one week, before putting it on Select.

I'm not sure how many people do in fact "need" that direct channel, but for me it's the ONLY way to get her books if I want to keep my "vow". And going without them is quite as difficult for me as reaching the moon.

So, on to the book... "Witches under Way" is volume 2 of the "WitchLight Trilogy", a spin-off from her "Modern Witch" series.
For more about the series, you can of course go to Debora Geary's website, but my friend ReadingMarmotte reviewed (french/english) the first 2 volumes on her blog :
A Modern Witch
A Hidden Witch

I also pseudo-reviewed the first volume of the WitchLight trilogy. Witches on Parole.

So Witches under Way is the follow-up of Witches on Parole, where  Lizard and Elsie, two young witches, where sent to Jennie for guidance, and found (of course) much more than that. In  this book, they keep on moving, progressing under their guide's (and so many others) attentive eyes, to find their inner self.
As usual in Debora Geary's books, fireworks, special effects, and epic battles... of the domestic kind. People getting to know each other, finding in themselves, but fueled by so many others love, the strength to reach inside and go beyond what they think are their limits...

Looking at my past paragraph, I see how it may seem cheesy, unappealing, but no. In some kind of way,  Debora Geary manages to add her own ingredients to what could be pure syrupy sugar : humor, everyday's marvels, children laughs, biscuit and pasta (not that much Icecream this time though)...
The result is simply ... delightful.

Première participation au Défi lire en anglais : I read in english.

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